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I do not live in fear and when you start researching and reading all of these facts, it could make you want to live in a bubble! I question how we have survived so far. Then I am reminded, God made our bodies so resilient and amazing. He has given us everything we need here on Earth and created our bodies to adapt and fight off so many things. I do feel however, that the more informed we are and the things we are able to change (small or large as they may be), we are then stewarding what God has given us.

I like to think of it as “picking the lesser of the two evils” when looking at ingredient labels. I try to minimize the amount of ingredients, because usually, the more ingredients the more artificial it becomes, and then look at the ingredients and decide the risk factor. Certain things are on a “NO COMPROMISE” list (BHT, artificial colors, etc…look at the lists below).

That being said, I thought it would be a good idea to share some links of sites I found helpful and informative. If you come across any really good ones, please let me know!

Environmental Working Group (EWG) : Everything you need to know about anything in health/skin care and general household products.

// household

10 Dangerous Household Products

Slideshow, Examples and Descriptions of Toxic Chemicals in Common Items

// body products

Where my journey began due to my brothers skin cancer. Now I make my own lotion, deodorant, toothpaste and sunscreen due to how costly natural products can be. It is also SO easy!

EWG Skin Deep : An amazing site with all you need to know about skin products and chemicals

Top Ten Sunscreens (from EWG) : A great in depth description of what is in sunscreen. MUST READ article!

*I have not personally used all of these or endorse any of them, I just know that they are more safe and natural than others. always read the ingredients and know what is in each of them before using.

  1. Keys Soap Solar Rx Therapeutic Sunblock, SPF 30
  2. Trukid Sunny Days Facestick Mineral Sunscreen UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum, SPF 30+
  3. California Baby Sunblock Stick No Fragrance, SPF 30+
  4. Badger Sunscreen, SPF 30
  5. Marie Veronique Skin Therapy Sun Serum
  6. Lavera Sunscreen Neutral, SPF 40
  7. Vanicream Sunscreen, SPF 35
  8. UV Natural Sunscreen, SPF 30+
  9. Sun Science Sport Formula, SPF 30
  10. Soleo Organics Sunscreen all natural Sunscreen, SPF 30+

GREAT Article by Food Babe

Is Your Sunscreen Safe?

Sunscreen and Oxybenzone

Great Sunscreen Recipes and Ideas

Lotion Ingredients

// nutrition

Again, we are not completely all natural and organic. However, I do visit these lists often and when I am buying food in the supermarket, make sure to read the ingredients thoroughly and pick foods with the least of these (picking lesser of the two evils). There are some things that are very hard to avoid, so i just do my best in eliminating what I can. We have noticed that since we have cut most of the junk out we can’t eat it without getting an upset stomach, my oldest has even thrown up because of it. Goes to show what they do to your body!

10 Worst Food Ingredients- A Great Guide : This is great. Has a list of the names of ingredients and other names they are known for, as well as what foods they are most common in

12 Dangerous and Hidden Food Ingredients : Pretty common ingredients in most food

14 Foods You Should NEVER Eat : A slideshow that is quite interesting

Lies About Fat: Very informative and a must read

What Happens to Your Body 1 Hour After Drinking Soda

Coke vs Water

Top 10 Dangers of Flouride

Do You Know What’s In Your Tea? Dangers of Tea Bags

// general

Here are some blogs I follow that always have interesting posts and information

Whole New Mom

Creative Christian Mama

Small Footprint Family

One Good Thing by Jillee


Now, here are some products I don’t make. I know…I know…BUT…it’s either because I have tried to make it and didn’t like what I tried, or it is just plain easier to buy it and all the ingredients have checked out as being ok. Trust me I read EVERY label on EVERYTHING I buy. Sometimes a visit to the store takes double the amount of time because if I don’t know an ingredient I look it up before I buy it.

I have also included some essential products that I buy such as honey, sugar, etc…

As I continue on this journey of ‘going natural’ I will let you know or update this list.


:: Hand Soap– Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap

I buy the foam hand soap ($0.99) from Walmart and then dump out the soap. I fill about 1/4 with Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap and the rest water. Shake well. You now how foam soap that is pure and you get multiple refills out of it. I buy mine at Trader Joe’s because it is $10. They only sell the peppermint but Target has a bigger variety, even though it jumps to $16 a bottle there.

:: Face Moisturizer– Epicuren Brazilian Propolis Lotion

This is definitely one of those products I spend money on. It is expensive but SO worth it. Not only does it have pure ingredients but my skin has NEVER responded to a moisturizer like this. Not only do I have oily skin, but very prone to acne. This is lightweight and healing to the skin. A little goes a long way. I actually only put about a drop on my finger and I’m able to spread across my entire face. Even though it is expensive, I am able to make it last about 3-4 months. If my kids get those dry patches or eczema on their face, I apply a small amount and it is gone within 1-2 days!

:: Dish Hand Soap– Haven’t found one I like or approve of yet. Found a recipe and will try making soon. I use Honest Company right now. See below under Shampoo/Conditioner for link.

:: Laundry Detergent– Norwex laundry. It is AMAZING and the only thing that doesn’t make my youngest break out in hives. Visit my Norwex page for more info on how to order.

:: Nail Polish– Piggy Paint It doesn’t last as long as Salon quality nail polish, but for kids it’s completely natural. I let Kendi paint her own nails all the time. It is water based and so great!

:: Perfume– Pacifica Roll On– This is something I thought about making but when I discovered Pacifica I chose to just use it. It is an all natural perfume, and the best is that it is great for kids. No yucky ingredients! Kendi had been begging for a perfume but all the girls perfumes in store are gross and full of nasty stuff. Plus, most are sprays and this way Kendi can put it on herself and not spray perfume all over the place. The scents are delightful- I love to wear them! The link is the one I just got at Target.

:: Shampoo/Comditioner/Body Wash- Honest Company. They are what their name says and the products are amazing! I buy the Shampoo/Body Wash at Costco because it comes in a 2 pack but everything else you can get online.


:: Essential Oils– Edens Garden

Go to my Essential Oil page to see why I use them


:: Xylitol – Available at my local grocer and also on Amazon

:: Coconut Sugar– You can buy at local grocer or on Amazon. Replacement for brown sugar. My kids love peanut butter and ‘sugar’ sandwiches. I substitute brown sugar for coconut sugar and even add a little honey. They love it and it’s healthy!

:: Aloe Vera Juice– George’s Always Active Aloe Vera Juice Garrett and I take this daily and have noticed a difference

:: Honey– Really Raw Honey This isn’t what we use for everyday uses. For that honey we just use Organic Pure Honey. We take a tablespoon of this honey daily. Not only have we noticed more energy but neither of us have been really sick for a long time. You want to make sure it is in the purest form and includes the hive, propolis and raw honey. I am a HUGE fan of propolis (also in my face moisturizer). I encourage you to research and read on the AMAZING benefits of bee propolis!



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