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Get rid of those nasty cleaners and Clorox Wipes! Save money- NO chemicals- long lasting (lasts 500 washes!)- easy, fast, quick cleaning- works amazing- I could go on and on and on….

So at the beginning of the summer my friend (who has 6 kids ages 3-19) told me about this AMAZING cleaning tool called Norwex. She really didn’t need to sell me on anything because I knew if she swore by it with all the activity in her house then it would work for me. I went ahead and ordered an Enviro Cloth and Window Polishing Cloth.


Seriously, I use it for EVERYTHING!

What is it you ask?

Well, the website does a lot better job explaining it and you can go on YouTube and type in “Norwex Cleaning Demos” and tons of videos will come up. I put a few links below! Basically, you only use water, damp the cloth and wipe. That simple. NO CHEMICALS, NO HARD SCRUBBING, easy, easy, easy. Plus they are anti-bacterial! Click HERE to see a section of their product manual and see the science behind this AMAZING product! Also, watch some demos on YouTube to get full idea, but below are some things I have used them on the past few months:

Kitchen // Cleans EVERYTHING (grease, oil, hard-baked things on stove tops, counters,etc…) better than anything I have                        ever used. Comes right up and best part is that the rag has silver in it and it makes it anti-bacterial, so the                              cloth won’t smell and harbor germs!

Windows // To show people who come over, I rub some butter on my fingers (to mimic the little dirty hands of my  kiddos) and rub on our glass patio door. Damp the Enviro Cloth with water and wipe (maybe twice) then follow with the Window Polishing Cloth and a quick, streak free, easy job!

Scuff Marks // Cleans them off walls, shoes, wood floors, bathroom, etc…

Bathroom // All that gunky makeup residue and hairspray residue gone, so easy!

Makeup Removal // Yep! It works awesome and so easy. Much better for your skin too.

Furniture // I clean all my wood, metal, glass furniture, appliances, decor and lighting with them

Carpet // Have removed many carpet stains with just water!

Car // I hated cleaning the front window in my car. This makes cleaning off all the finger prints and cloudy film so quick and easy, plus when you get in the sunlight there are NO streaks!

Clothing Stains // I work in the church coffee bar and am always splashing my clothes with espresso. I will rub the stain and it comes right up! My husband has used it on many of his stains as well.

SO, as I have been telling so many people about it, the lady I went through to order mine suggested I sell them. I was hesitant to at first because I didn’t want to be one of “those” people that are mass marketing. However, I realized that instead of Norwex being sold in the store and the store getting a percentage, they actually thought about it and gave a way for people to make a little extra selling an amazing product! I genuinely believe in the product and they are amazing. Below you can click on my link and find out more info and all the MANY other eco-friendly and chemical FREE products they sell.

The mop is amazing! I can clean my entire downstairs- all wood floors with no messy bucket or soapy residue, just water. It makes cleaning floors so simple and wonderful! If you have kids it is a must! Mine are always playing all over our floors, and kids being kids, hands end up in mouth. This way I know there are NO chemicals getting into their system this way.

So, if you have children (especially toddlers that are crawling around, allergies, sensitive skin, etc) then Norwex is for you. Not only will cleaning actually be fun (REALLY it is!), you will be getting rid of all the nasty chemicals that would fill your lungs, soak into your skin, and leave lasting negative effects on your body.

If you have trouble or are technically challenged, PLEASE contact me and I would love to help you or answer any questions you might have. Please fill in the form at the bottom.


ORDER & BROWSE PRODUCTS HERE www.SarahPrechtl.norwex.biz

Norwex Product Catalogue 2014

Before and After Pictures with the Norwex Products!


Click link for basic  Norwex Info & Care Instructions

Norwex Product Manual

SOME DEMO VIDEOS- There are many others on YouTube as well!

// Videos by a Senior Norwex Consultant

The Norwex Mop

Norwex Cloths

General Norwex Cleaning Products

// Other Videos 

News Station Reviews if Norwex Really Works


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