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Generally, over the counter mouthwashes have a load of ingredients that are not good for you. So I started researching and came across a few different natural mouthwashes. I went ahead and created my own from it. We LOVE it! Not only does my husband and I use it, but I have my kids do it 2-3 times a week. I had really sensitive gums and used to buy Sensodyne. It really didn’t do much. Since I have been using my toothpaste and the mouthwash, my gums are not sensitive at all! Spearmint Oil is good for gums and I really believe it has helped mine.

Make sure your child doesn’t drink the mouthwash.

You don’t need to add the peroxide if you don’t want to.

Visit my Products page to see where to purchase ingredients such as the essential oils and xylitol


1-2 oz hydrogen peroxide (disinfect and whitens teeth) OPTIONAL

10 oz distilled water or aloe vera juice (I would only use this aloe juice- looks and tastes like water)

4-7 tablespoons xylitol  (sweetener and prevents tooth decay- I blend it up first so it distills fast in the liquid mixture) I make it a little sweeter so my kids will like it. Taste test it and make it as sweet as you want to.

20-40 drops total (or to taste) of peppermint and spearmint essential oil mix

-Shake really well and then shake before each use. I use about a cap full every morning and night.

-Store in a DARK container and in a cool place. I have an old mouthwash bottle I use and store under my cabinet. Light ruins the hydrogen peroxide and you need to make sure the container is safe for essential oils. The old mouthwash bottle I use had oils in it so I know it was safe.


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