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With a high risk of melanoma cancer in my family this was super important for me. Of course as I started researching sunscreens out there I found that the only ones that were pure cost a lot of money for a small amount. So, I figured why not make it? In looking at key ingredients I found some really amazing information on coconut oil and shea butter. Not only are they natural SPF of about 4 but coconut oil combats the negative effects of the suns harmful rays and repairs the damage.

I used this for the first time summer of 2012 and it worked GREAT! We were in CO 4 times in the mountains, we went to the lake in KS and enjoyed just playing outside. You will still get some color from the sun (as you do with other sunscreens) but we did not burn at all and it was good knowing that the coconut oil was fighting any harmful rays.

The most inconvenient thing about this sunscreen is traveling with it. I apply it to my kids in the morning at least 30 minutes prior to going outside. However, I don’t really want to carry a big glass jar in my purse around with me.

Some of the solutions I have tried:

– I have bought small containers from hobby lobby and taken those with me

– I have bought the expensive all natural sunscreen (you can choose from this list here) and only used it to reapply, especially on their faces since those tend to burn the quickest

HERE is a great article by Food Babe on sunscreen

// Sunscreen

2 cups shea butter

2 cups coconut oil

4 tablespoons of zinc oxide (this is a non-nano version that won’t be absorbed into the skin. Be careful not to inhale the powder). Makes an SPF of 20+

Melt the shea butter and coconut oil in a pot/jar over boiling water. Careful not to put on direct heat. NEVER microwave.

Melt the shea butter and coconut oil in a pot/jar over boiling water. Careful not to put on direct heat. NEVER microwave.


Once melted pour into stainless steel or glass bowl and add zinc oxide. Careful not to inhale zinc oxide. Mix well with mixer.


Pour into glass container. Ready to use. It will not be thick and creamy like the body butter. You can add Bees Wax if you want it thicker. I don’t mind it a thinner consistency because it goes on smooth. It does melt quickly in your hand.

























:: Things to remember

– Be very careful when handling zinc oxide

– Always use other protective sun-wear while in the sun

– This is somewhat waterproof but you should always reapply after getting wet

– Try to apply at least 30 minutes before going outside


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