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I hate cleaning my bathroom. There is makeup caked on my counters, hair spray film, oily residue from lotions, the toilet (which all 3 kids feel they need to use) and then there is the shower! Soap residue and water spots all over the glass. Not to mention that in order to really clean it I need to be inside it.

Every week I would dread having to clean it. The smells would give me killer headaches, I would get nauseous and after hours of scrubbing, still could see water spots and makeup residue. I have used many cleaning products out there in hopes to find one that worked with ease and didn’t have crazy fumes. Didn’t happen. So, I began researching homemade options. A few I tried and they didn’t seem to do a very good job. Then I started seeing posts about a “miracle cleaner”.

Let me tell you, it is a “miracle cleaner” and it is completely safe and easy to make! Not only have I used it in my bathroom to effortlessly clean my shower and counters with no harsh smells but it also works as an amazing kitchen cleaner! I have used it on our stainless steel pots and pans to get off hard residue and it comes right off!

Give it a try. Not only will you be surprised but never want to use harsh bathroom cleaners again!

UPDATE: Ok so we had duck tape residue on the outside of our driver side car window from when it had to be taped cause the motor was out. Garrett tried WD-40 and GooGone. Nothing worked! I thought why not try the Miracle Cleaner and see if it works. Made it, used a toothbrush and it came up right away!!! So crazy!

So what is it…

// Miracle Cleaner

baking soda and hydrogen peroxide (add a little lemon essential oil if you want a scent)

Just put some baking soda in a bowl or cup, slowly add the hydrogen peroxide until it makes a scrub paste. You don’t want this to be watered down and it takes very little peroxide to make a paste. Then grab an old toothbrush for the hard to clean areas and a scrub brush and watch the magic happen!

The best thing is that I actually make it and take into shower with me. When I am done washing I do a quick cleaning. Because there are no harmful ingredients you can get it on your skin. Makes cleaning SO much easier and you will be amazed how well it works!

//Ways to Use it

– bathroom cleaner

– cookware cleaner

– Duck tape residue cleaner

– Grout cleaner

– Kitchen sink/counter cleaner


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